Trade Winds is a Farrier 27  trimaran boat Our means of getting to the islands:

Trade Winds

Trade Winds is a Farrier 27  trimaran boat and is 100% carbon neutral for all electrical systems, domestics and navigation requirements. Drawing on solar and wind turbine she has not burnt a drop of fossil fuel or plugged into shore power for energy needs in 8 years. This, along with wind, wave and tidal propulsion makes her one of the ‘cleanest’ yachts around!

Her name is not ‘standard’ for small pocket rocket. In 2014 I was sponsored by Cairngorms Brewery and changed the name to match their best selling beer. There seems no compelling reason to change her name again. Many a chilled Trade Winds beer is enjoyed aboard – so why change?

During this time she has sailed around the UK and survived a number of challenges put to her:

2011: Scottish Islands Three Peaks race All Rounder’s Class Winner SIPR

2012: Scottish Island Three Peaks Race All Rounder’s Class winner SIPR

2014: 2,400 miles singlehanded sail around the UK and Ireland

2016: 500 mile non-stop sail around Scotland


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Welcome aboard Trade Winds from our summer of 2016 sailing. Video clips by Ranald Naismith and Alan Rankin


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