Scottish Islands

This page lists the islands detailed on this blog. Toggle the order of Scottish Islands by alphabetic order or sort by area. Click on the Island name to take you to the island post. Further details on the islands will be updated when time allows.

IslandAreaHigh Point NameHeight Meters
StaffaMull and South West ScotlandUn-named42
GighaMull and South West ScotlandCreag Bhan
MingulayOuter HebridesCarnan
Isle MartinNorth West ScotlandUn-named160
RumSkye to ArdnamurchanAskival
SandaySkye to ArdnamurchanUn-named30
Horse IslandNorth West ScotlandUn-named60
Tanera MorNorth West ScotlandMeall Mor
Tanera BegNorth West ScotlandUn-named83
VatersayOuter HebridesHeishival
CannaSkye to ArdnamurchanCarn a Ghaill
Isle RistolNorth West ScotlandUn-named71
BerneraMull and South West ScotlandUn-Named58
MullMull and South West ScotlandBen More966
Eilean-nan-CaorachMull and South West ScotlandUn-named30
Eilean Fada MorNorth West ScotlandUn-named38
OronsayMull and South West ScotlandUn-Named53
ErraidMull and South West ScotlandCnoc Mòr75
Rubha RidireMull and South West ScotlandUn-named16
CarnaMull and South West ScotlandCruachan Charna169
St Kilda
Outer HebridesConachair426
GruinardNorth West ScotlandAn Eilid106
GometraMull and South West ScotlandUn-named155
Eilean DubhMull and South West ScotlandUn-named45
Dutchmans CapMull and South West ScotlandUn-named85
HandaNorth West ScotlandSithean Mor123
CalveMull and South WestUn-Named20
Eilean Nan EildeanMull and South WestUn-Named10
RonaSkye to ArdnamurchanAcairseid Meall125
Carn IarNorth West ScotlandUn-named50
Soyea Loch InverNorth West ScotlandUn-named38
Risga Loch SunartNorth West ScotlandUn-named26
Fair IsleNorthern IslesWard Hill217
Eilean Fada MorNorth West Scotlandun-named38
Carn SkerriesNorth West ScotlandUn-named28
Isle of EweNorth West ScotlandUn-named73
LongaNorth West ScotlandDruim an Eilein70
SandaySmall IslesUn-named44
Bernera Loch LinnheMull and South WestUn-named58
LungaMull and South WestBidein nah Iolaire98
OldanyNorth West ScotlandSithean nan Ealachan102