Eilean nan Caorach Appin Cottage Beach Scotislands
Fada Isle Looking To Achiltiebuie Scotislands
St KIlda Scotislands
West Coast Sail
Acairseid Mhor anchorage island of Rona
Zuza yacht at anchor at Lunga
Mingulay island outer hebrides

Scotislands visits to Scottish Islands

Scotislands is a record of visits to far flung Scottish islands. Many remote, many summitted and many to return to another day. Scotislands is not a tourist or reference guide but a shared personal glimpse of remote Scottish islands.

The collection includes iconic Scottish islands such as Staffa and St Kilda . Obscure islets such as Eilean Dubh near Appin or Eilean Fada Mhor in the Summer Isles are also included.  Gruinard Island. ‘Anthrax Island’ made infamous by it being the centre of biological warfare studies during the second world war is visited.

Many of the islands are uninhabited and can only be reached by private boat. That is fine, as it brings together my two passions of sailing and island hopping.

My boat, Trade Winds is a Farrier 27  trimaran and is 100% carbon neutral for all electrical systems, domestics and navigation requirements. Drawing on solar and wind turbine she has not burnt a drop of fossil fuel or plugged into shore power for energy needs in 10 years. This, along with the use of wind, wave and tidal propulsion makes her one of the ‘cleanest’ modes of transport around!

You will find the islands tagged on the map and listed on the Islands page.

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Isle Martin
Isle Martin Scotislands

Isle Martin

Isle Martin Loch Broom, near Ullapool

Mingulay, United Kingdom
Mingulay beach scottish island


At the very edge of Europe

Isle of Canna PH44 4RS, UK


An island of heritage and culture

Staffa, United Kingdom
Scotislands Staffa


A true wonder of the natural world

Rùm, Isle Of Rum PH43 4RR, UK
Island of Rum


The Norse mountain island



A little Hebridian gem

Vatersay looking towards Muldonaich


Westernmost inhabited place in the UK

2GX3+FP A'Chill, Isle of Canna
Sanday Canna Scottih islands

Sanday Small Isles

Puffin Stack island

Isle of Mull, United Kingdom
Ross of Mull


An island of character



Inspiration to RL Stevenson

Horse Island, United Kingdom
Scotislands summit horse island cairn on Scottish island

Horse Island Summer Isles

An island for goats and birds

Isle Ristol Summer Isles
Isle Ristol

Isle Ristol Summer Isles

Wildlife and fauna treasure island in The Summer Isles

Tanera Mor Summer Isles
Cairn at top of Tanera Beg Summer Islands

Tanera Mor Summer Isles

Largest of the Summer Isles

Tanera Beg Summer Isles Bernera Loch Linnhe
Eilean nan Caorach Port Appin near Oban

Eilean nan Caorach Appin

Little islands with an industrial past

Eilean Fada Mor Summer Isles Oronsay Loch Sunart
Scotislands Oronsay

Oronsay Loch Sunart

A little rough diamond

Gruinard Island G822+VW Craignure, Isle of Mull
Ruhba Ridire island sound of Mull

Rubha an Ridire Sound of Mull

A little island of shipwrecks

Carna Loch Sunart Hirta, United Kingdom calve island FMVX+P5 Gometra, Isle of Mull
Gometra island near MUll


Gometra, an island with fences that views islands

Dutchmans Cap Treshnish Isles
Dutchmans cap island Scotland

Dutchman’s Cap Treshnish Isles, Mull

Dutchman’s Cap Treshnish Isles, an iconic neighbour to Staffa

Walking through thick bracken

Eilean Dubh Appin

A tough little and unyeilding island

Yacht at anchor Longa island Gairloch

Longa Loch Gairloch

Gate way to Loch Gairloch

Sea cliffs of Handa


Scottish Wildlife Trust haven

South Rona island geology


Rona a rugged island of beauty and tranquillity

Eilean nan Eilden loch Sunnart

Eilean Nan Eildean Loch Sunart

A little island, untrodden and wild

Carn Iar Summer Isles

Carn Iar Summer Isles

Summer Isle gem in Loch Broom

Carn Skerries looking to wards Coigach mountain

Carn Skerries Summer Isles

A stunning rugged skerry

Sulliven from Soyea island

Soyea Island Loch Inver

Soyea Island under the gaze of Sulliven

Puffins on Fair Isle

Fair Isle

Fair Isle is a far off island with character and resolute residents

Indicator at top of Isle Ewe looking towards mountains

Isle of Ewe

Isle of Ewe, a rough little island

Rain soaked view from top of Isle Risga

Risga Loch Sunart

Risga island at mouth of Loch Sunart

Lunga island with yacht anchored in bay


A craggy little island amid fast running tides

Sunset Scotland


Oldany, a wonderful remote island