Mull, and island of mountains and stunning coastlines

Mull Scottish Islands
Willie talkes a seat with a view



In 2016 Willie Gibson and I completed the re-enactment of RL Stevenson’s Kidnapped To do this we sailed 500 miles around Scotland and walked 270 miles across Scotland. The gallery below are some of the moments from our trek from the south west corner along the Ross of Mull, through Glen More and Glen Forsa through to the ferry over to Morvern. This is not the average view of Mull nor is it a trip to the top of Ben More, that’s for another post.

Ross of Mull
Ross of Mull
Loch Buie Mull
Loch Buie


Ross of Mull
Nunn’s Pass Ross of Mull
Mull Geology
Geological time map Ross of Mull
Alan Rankin
Glen More with last view to opens seas of thre west coast


Cfase Loch Buie
Honesty Cafe Loch Buie
Glen Forsa Mull
Glen Forsa and back down to flat low lands
Camping tent on Mull
Last night on an island before heading for Morvern
Mull no cars please
Looking back into Glen Forsa