Vatersay Muldoanich
Vatersay is the westernmost permanently inhabited place in Scotland. It is linked to the larger neighbouring  island of Barra by a causeway that was completed in 1991. Vatersay is also linked at low tide to the small island of  Uineasan. The highest point is Heishival Mor at 190m. From there the views out to The Minch, nearby Barra and south to  Mingulay are stunning.



Vatersay was a quick stop on our way from Mingulay back north to Skye. The chance of topping this remote islands was too much to pass. Anchored in the wide and open Vatersay bay we scuttled up Heishival Mor and made it double quick time back down to Pegasus waiting in the bay. So not much to say but will have to go back.  Check out what Vatersay really has to offer at Vatersay