A little island South West of Mull and near Iona that forged a lighthouse and the classic adventure book Kidnapped by RL Stevenson.

erraid scotislands
Balfour’s Bay Erraid with Paps of Jura in the distance



Erraid was the start of our 2016 charity Kidnapped re-enactment. After a 500 mile non stop sail from Edinburgh we stepped ashore on Erraid to start the long trek back to Edinburgh. Erraid was stunning, spirits were high as we soaked up the moment.

Erraid is one of the locations featured in the novel Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson. David Balfour, the hero of this tale was marooned for a while on the island having been shipwrecked on the Torran Rocks, which lie to the south. Stevenson’s father, Thomas was involved in the construction of the nearby lighthouses, and the stones for Dhu Heartach were quarried on the island, and the young Robert Louis visited the island on several occasions.

Our job was now to walk across Scotland from this far flung western island across Mull, Morvern, Appin, Glen Coe, Rannoch Moor, The Trossachs, central Scotland to Edinburgh. Little did Willie and know it was to be a painful journey 

Having sailed non-stop the 500 miles from the Forth Estuary we anchored at 2am in Tinkers Hole, one of Scotland’s most famous anchorages. We wke to blue skies and could not have asked for a better weather for our 270 mile walk across Scotland.

Yacht at anchor Tinkers Hole Erraid
Trade Winds Tinkers Hole Erraid

After breakfast Willie and I clambered into the dinghy and Richard rowed us ashore.

Tinkers Hole Alan Rankin
Leaving the yacht and heading for Edinburgh
Alan Rankin Willie Gibson
One last look back before turning for Edinburgh
Tinkers Hole yacht at anchor
Last look back to Trade Winds before we set off for Edinburgh on foot


Sheep on Scottish island
Erraid welcoming party


Balfours Bay erraid
Balfour’s Bay Erraid with Jura in the distance
Alan Rankin
Alan and Wille re-enact Balfour’s landing
ALan Rankin Erraid island
Erraid, start of the long walk to Edinburgh
Erraid strand to Mull
The strand between Erraid and Mull

Local Scotisland Gigha Dutchman’s Cap  Gometra   Staffa